About us



Our expertise stems from the manufacturing of steel drop-forged parts which was started in the early 60s. In those years Arnaldo Ramella was continuously developing this technology as manager of his own company specializing in spare parts for earth-moving machinery.
Over the last decades both the market scenario and our company growth led us to widen our technology range to adapt it to the markets we serve.

Ramteck, Ramark’s commercial brand, since 1988 is a qualified supplier of rough and finished parts (including heat and surface treatments) manufactured through several technologies: to name but a few, drop and press forging, cold forming, casting, machining. We serve several businesses like automotive, railway, earth-moving machinery, mining and agricultural machinery.

We only need a drawing or a physical sample from which we can gather dimensions and profiles and, if required, we can submit 3D prototypes for customer’s approval. One and only specialist to meet your production requirements.